Focus on Business Outcomes to Succeed

KIO Networks has become the first supplier in Latin America in offering SAP Cloud Enterprise in a PaaS model. We provide our clients a dynamic structure, with high disponibility and absolute commitment processing large data volumes in real time for a correct decision making.

Cloud Business Value

We Focus on Business

Connect the dots between people, processes, data, and applications!

  • Leverage existing investments from current SAP Infrastructure and solutions/Technology Integration.
  • Engineered for cloud: Multi-tenancy, rolling software updates, horizontal scalability.
  • Strong focus on security including data isolation.
  • Open for partners and customers – projects, content, connectivity.
  • We work with your SAP implementation partners and most important consulting firms.
  • Used by Public and Private Sectors, Government…
  • Offers available as:
    • Kloud for SAP Business Solutions
    • SAP HANA Application Edition (Integration with SAP Kloud solutions)
    • SAP HANA Standard and Professional Edition (Standalone Editions)
    • SAP HANA Developer Edition
    • SAP HANA On-demand App Services, Advanced Services and Support
    • SAP HANA (SoH, BWonH, SAP S4 HANA, Agile Datamarts and Big Data).

Overview of KIO’s Kloud Solutions

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