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Migrate to SAP HANA:

Our certified experts will asses and give advice on your environment and migrate your current systems to SAP HANA. No environment is too complex or outside our expertise. Whether you’re on the fast track to SAP HANA or require complete end-to-end project coverage, we offer flexible plans built around every business industrie unique landscape setup.



By far the most unique aspect of SAP HANA on KIO Networks Kloud is OUR affordable price point and scalability… it is no longer a significant investment required to attain a SAP HANA solution:

  • Affordable KIO Networks solution allows our customers to leverage all of the benefits of SAP HANA technology at an affordable cost by utilizing a scalable cloud infrastructure thus lowering the total cost of ownership – in some cases saving up to 50% of comparable hardware costs.
  • Scalable –A flexible cloud model which  eliminates the need to commit to a hardware footprint that eventually you will grow out of. SAP HANA on KIO Networks Kloud also provides savings of 30% when compared to a traditional SAP HANA solutions (according Gartner Reports), by only having to purchasing the licenses and resources needed to meet current performance requirements, and building onto the solution as your organization grows.

CapEx-Free Access to Certified HANA Landscapes


Configured and available multi-TB HANA environments


Within SAP-certified data centers


Connected to SAP-certified Cloud Platform

On-Demand Access to HANA Design, Migration and Operations Experts


SAP/HANA certified consultants with production


HANA experience


Migration and optimization for the HANA database

Rapidly Provision New SAP HANA Environments


Initial deployments designed, configured, and ready in days/weeks


Additional SAP landscapes provisioned in hours/days

Lower Risk & Effort of Adopting New SAP Technology


Low cost, low effort HANA and non-HANA pilots


If SAP landscape is not required after pilot, turn it off and stop paying

VictorGetting To Your Destination