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Flexible, Scalable, & Affordable Hosted Solutions

SAP Kloud Strategy and Services

The Kloud is meant to be easy. So why do so many vendors and data-centers offer “Do It Yourself” style hosting solutions with support and architecture completely unsuited to the complexities of an SAP environment? KIO´s Kloud solution are differentiated by their focus on providing enterprise-level services and advanced consulting in addition to a state of the art Kloud infrastructure designed specifically forSAP applications and environments.

Every component of KIO´s Kloud is architected specifically for SAP applications and our expert SAP certified engineers are on hand to provide strategic advisory and guidance, SAP Kloud services and SAP technical support from the initial implementation to ongoing system management and operation continuity support.

Enterprise Kloud Solutions Overview

The flexibility and scalability of KIO´s Kloud allows you to reduce your total cost of operations while achieving unparalleled business agility. With our Enterprise Cloud solutions, you can:


Reduce capital expenditure — You only pay for those resources needed to meet currentworkload and performance requirements.


Respond rapidly to changing business conditions — When business or IT conditions change, operations can be quickly modified and scaled to meet any new requirements.


Achieve faster project implementation cycles — Cycles are shortened through the quick and easy setup of testing systems, sandbox environments and production environments.


Maintain pace with resource intensive business initiatives — Resources like CPU, RAM, disk and network are dynamically scaled as needed.


Minimize costs — Our KIO´s Kloud minimizes your costs related to the operating system, database, infrastructure and backups.

Enterprise Cloud for SAP

  • Public Cloud — A flexible, scalable, secure cloud hosting model based on shared infrastructure.
  • Private Cloud — Your own dedicated cloud infrastructure hosted in KIO´s certified data centers.
  • Hybrid Cloud — Strategic offer to maintain PRD onsite or in a private cloud with DEV and QA in a public
  • MCaaS – Certified KIO´s Kloud Managed Cloud as a

Temporary Cloud Systems (On-Demand)

  • Sandboxes
  • Professional Advanced Basis and Technical Project Support
  • Plan What-if Testing
  • Release Upgrade Testing

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery

  • Cold DR — Advanced-based disaster recovery model featuring always-ready networking, a regular testing schedule and no fees to declare an emergency
  • Hot DR — Disaster recovery model includes software for replication, implementation and documentation of your DR strategy, a regular testing schedule (no fees to declare an emergency)

SAP Certified Kloud Services

As an SAP-certified provider of Cloud and Hosting services, KIO provides our customers with an extra measure of confidence that our Kloud services are compliant with SAP’s requirements for continuity,
quality, availability and security. SAP has certified KIO´s Kloud services to provide standardized IT solutions and continuity based on shared resources via the Internet, as well as hosting services with high-quality operational standards. To achieve certification as an SAP-certified provider of cloud services,

KIO´s Kloud platform underwent extensive testing KPI´s by SAP to validate the operational integration of our cloud-computing platform with supported SAP applications. SAP audits also included on-site technical reviews of the physical and logical security processes supporting our Kloud services.

SAP Kloud Hosting Solutions

Every element of KIO´s Kloud state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure is specifically architected for SAP applications, and our cloud hosting solutions are focused on providing scalable enterprise-level services and consulting solutions. KIO´s Kloud expert SAP-certified engineers provide strategic guidance to our cloud services clients, including SAP technical support from the initial migration to ongoing system management.

SAP system management

KIO Networks provides managed services included within the Kloud services model specialized in SAP environments (local and remote):

  • SAP Advanced Basis Services
  • Support and Help Deskclouds
  • Data Center Management
  • Operating System Administrations
  • Database Administration
  • Security Administration
  • Storage Management
  • Backup Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Best in class SLA´s
  • Space in a high availability data center
  • Processing capabilities of virtualized high availability in various operating environments.
  • And with the highest global security specifications, as well as continuity and availability certificates.

SAP Basis Managed Services (Basis / SAP Netweaver)

The needs of customers and business are unique and different from those of any other business. To ensure every client’s unique business requirements are met; KIO Networks provides a range of SAP In-Site, Off-Site and outsourcing support models designed to cover a wide range of certified offers and SAP solutions; ranging from complete remote management and outsourcing of all your SAP administration (short-term and long-term) coverage during staff vacation time or after hours.

When you partner with KIO Networks , you receive our expert support from a dedicated team of consultants based out of our unique center of operations in Mexico, Central America and Spain. Your dedicated KIO Networks team focuses on your business, IT needs and develops a comprehensive understanding of your unique SAP environment, resulting in seamless, smooth interactions between your team and ours.

The Premier SAP Hosting and Managed Services Provider

KIO Networks not only focuses exclusively on SAP technology, but is one of the best and largest data-centers for SAP managed service providers in Mexico with advanced SAP Kloud and remote services. Working with our dedicated KIO Networks SAP Basis and SAP NetWeaver experts, provides you with unparalleled accessibility, affordability and quality.


Simple Single Source Solution for Complete SAP Support

With our SAP customer focus, we integrate a single source solution draws on KIO Networks customer-centric approach to deliver an affordable option for high-quality support with direct 24×7 access to a team of Mexico based certified SAP experts. From Hosting your SAP environment in our one of our state of the art data centers to on-going steady state SAP Basis Managed services, KIO Networks simplifies managing any SAP environment. By providing a single and unique solution – customers are able to leverage all of KIO certified and dedicated expertise:

  • SAP Basis Managed Services/ SAP Netweaver® administration
  • SAP Security and Controls
  • SAP Hosting
  • Data Center Services
  • Colocation for full single source support
  • Project and consulting services

Our integrated approach to SAP technical managed services, is designed and focus with a business owner in mind. Our monthly budget stability is ensured with an affordable, fixed-rate pricing model. Additional return on investment comes in the form of:


Extending cost savings achieved through out-tasking SAP Basis support to all areas of SAP technical operations


Reducing management overhead with KIO´s relationship


Reducing the risk of financial loss due to unplanned SAP outages


Reducing the incidence of issues and increasing the speed of issue resolution, accomplished through our expert and proactive support


Reducing the risk of security and compliance issues


Simplifying SAP environment support – from fully hosted to continuity and advanced managed services


When the SAP Basis, security, hosting and project services functions are managed separately, it is difficult to achieve a “big picture” view of the IT and business environment. With KIO Networks team approach and integrated technical outsourcing, our clients benefit from improved support across their entire SAP technology stack. In addition, our focus on SAP enables optimal management of SAP application availability, capacity and performance.

We had experience working with most of the professional functional consulting firms to implement SAP Projects.

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