Drive Real-Time Value for Your Business

Drive business innovation and Transform your business experiences with KIO´s SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

KIO Networks SAP® HANA delivers the speed and agility companies are turning to in order to achieve a real, compelling ROI and enhance their entire Big Data systems. The in-memory columnar application radically accelerates big data processing and generates insightful analytics to support business decision making.

While it may seem like SAP HANA is just a new database, it’s much more. HANA runs in-memory, instead of on disk, like other databases. Its advanced technology empowers enterprises’ operations at the speed of real time – computing data in seconds, instead of hours or even days – and delivers an edge through predictive analytics for future forecasting.

KIO Networks and Dattlas can help you navigate your operations through the entire process. Our experts and Data Scientists are trained and certified to deliver a flexible service range that will help you meet your goal solution.

KIO Networks Service Offering:

  • Eliminate capital expense
    • Hardware at provider
  • Reduce operating expense
    • Central maintenance by provider
    • Automatic updates
  • Flexibility
    • Meet changing demands as you grow
    • Systems accessible from everywhere
  • Agility
    • React faster to changing business needs
  • High availability
  • Platform-as-a-service offering
    • Build, extend, run, and operate apps in the cloud
  • Multiple Runtimes
    • Java
    • SAP HANA S4, SoH, BW on HANA, Agile Datamart
    • More runtimes to be added over time
  • Services
    • Persistence
    • Document
    • Security
    • Connectivity

Innovate, Transform and Boost Your Entire Business Ecosystem

Improve your business with Business Suite on HANA (SoH):

  • ECC / CRM / SRM / PLM / SEM – Or any other source or DB
  • With several enterprise analytical applications, businesses have real-time insight to predictive models as never before.
  • Dattlas pre-configured advanced analytics and designed models for industries like Telecom, Government, Financial and Retail

SAP NetWeaver BW Powered by SAP HANA

  • Consolidate and increase the analysis and efficiency of data across your landscape
  • Implement business analytics and data models across your organization
  • Unlock data and possible scenarios at rapid speeds to support business decision making at a competitive edge

Readiness Service – System Upgrades:

  • Let KIO Networks help you check off the minimum technical requirements to become SAP HANA user. Project upgrades can be performed in KIO Networks Kloud hosted environment or in the client’s on-premise environment.

Complimentary Business Assessment – Discover Your Company’s True ROI

Receive a detailed report of what real-time business processes will be accelerated by SAP HANA, including the estimated time and cost savings to determine if SAP HANA is right for you.

Ask our KIO´s HANA experts and learn how KIO´s Premier SAP Hosting and Managed Services can meet your SAP business requirements and receive a free assessment of your potential cost savings.

Test Drive SAP HANA

Rapid Deployment Proof of Concept Lab / Demo Hosted Solution

Join KIO´s and Dattlas hosted demo program to test drive your landscape in our secure rapid deployment POC environment. Demo clients will be set up in a KIO Networks hosted SAP HANA testing environment where complete end-to-end solution performance metrics can be established. If interested, reach out for further information on becoming involved in the program.

Ask our experts for more information on KIO Networks and Dattlas rapid deployment Proof of Concept Demos.