SAP Kloud

“Focus on Business Outcomes to Succeed”

SAX Premier SAP Hosting and Managed Services Provider take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of KIO´s cloud has to offer, reduce your total cost of operations and achieve unparalleled business agility. Our KIO SAP experts and Kloud team will helps you:

  • Reduce capital expenditure by only paying for the services needed to meet your current workload and performance requirements.

  • Plan and respond rapidly to changing business conditions.

  • Achieve faster project implementation cycles by setting up testing systems, sandbox environments, training, QA and production environments quickly and easily.

  • Maintain pace with resource intensive business initiatives by dynamically plan and scaling resources like CPU, RAM, disk and network.

  • Minimize costs related to the resources, operating system, database, infrastructure and backups.

From 2013 to 2020

“25 Trillion Gigabytes of new data generated”

Most of it, “Living in the Cloud”.

Gerardo MendozaSAP Kloud