The #1 Business Solution for SMB’s now in KIO Kloud

“SAP Business One offers to small and medium companies (SMB’s) a business management solution for control in critical and support areas, all within an integrated administrative system”


Integration of all your company’s functions with only one system through which you  will be able to control your accounting areas, management of the relationships with clients, sales, manufacture, purchases, banc and inventories, in order for to make the company work as one unit. Besides it allows to integrate reports and functionalities between other tools, such as the integration with Microsoft Office products for an easier usage.


Efficiency gain through valuable tools such as authorizations and alerts, who allow to notify the staff prevention situations to make better decisions and provide continuity to the clients. With this we achieve  having control over the company  with the critical factors, without the need of having to supervise the operation directly.


Instant information for decision making that helps having the necessary information to make the best decisions from any place. Integrating SAP Business One makes it possible to have the information from any place in the world and woth any mobile device.

DIfferent types of currency management since it supports the multiple currencies management without representing any problems of integration or performance.


SAP Business One OnDemand

With SAP Business One, ERP solutions are quick to deploy and easy to run and maintain. And, by moving into the cloud, you get even more flexibility, security and cost savings. KIO has been selected by SAP to serve as the core infrastructure for this new Business One on demand solution. KIO offers SAP Business partners an increase their recurring revenue and profit while offering better services and value to their customers.


“One-stop-shop” Hosting

End users benefit from the enhanced performance, increased flexibility and cost efficiencies of a cloud solution, including:

  • Data security and access
  • Technical support
  • System performance optimization
  • Software and system maintenance


On-demand Managed Cloud Services

Hosting infrastructure with 24×7 technical support provides a high availability cloud environment and disaster recovery without investing in, and maintaining, additional costly infrastructure.


Cost Effective Pricing

Subscription-based deployment options enable partners to offer cloud hosting with or without SAP Business One licenses.

Unique offer for Small to Medium/semi-Enterprise Grow

Our offer supports Mexican Business Models and Economy for PYMES needs:


Commerce and Distribution





    • Planning
    • Processes Based operation Management and Control Customer Management (CRM )
    • Ready to operate in MX (impuestos, CFDI)
    • Immediate access to structured information
    • Pre-built Control Panels
    • Easy and versatile tool for business intelligence .
    • Accessibility anywhere, anytime
    • Eliminating the need to be in the office to access and operate the system
    • Ready to operate in iPhone / iPad  / Android
    • Architecture designed to operate in the cloud
    • To be consumed as a service ( (SaaS )
    • KIO´s Management and support

We offer choices to fit the way you do business.

We provide the complete, integrated functionallity your small or midsize enterprise needs – delivered in the way you want

VictorSAX Business One